Market Research

   Genext participate into the entire survey design process, right from finalization of the questionnaire, to execution of the same ‘over phone’, data cleaning /standardization/categorization’, & ‘report generation’.

The following surveys are done:-
  • Dealer Caps
  • Consumer Survey
  • Competition Customer Survey
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey
 Our research associates are well trained on client’s product/domain. We have engaged respondent for ‘extensive/in depth’  surveys which lasts for upwards of 30 minutes and polls the respondent on more than 100 parameters.
Apart from quantitative feedback, we have been instrumental in delivering critical qualitative feedback, which has enabled  decision makers to get the right perspective and arrive at accurate action points.

Inbound Call/Query Managment

   GENEXT specializes in processes that have the ability to manage all inbound interactions for our client’s customers.
The touch points with customers could be any of the following:-
  • Inbound Telephone call / Toll Free Services
  • Email Query
  • Chat window
  • SMS Short Code

Outbound ‘Lead Generation’ Services

  GENEXT supports the entire ‘sales deliver processes’ of client organization, both B2B and B2C.
  • Cold calls to ‘Non-DND' customers
  • Cross Sell/Up-Sell to clients existing customers
  • Prospect Inventory creation (Useful in case of new product launch)
  • Data verification (Updating customer records)
  • Appointment Fixing (B2B)
  • ‘New User' Training
  • Seminar & Conference Booking

Non-Voice Capabilities

  GENEXT specializes in providing a wide range of ‘non voice’ capabilities. The entire gamut ranges from ‘data entry’ to digital marketing.
  • Keyboarding (Only English)
  • Proof Reading
  • Application/Form Processing
  • Data conversion of ‘image/scanned' format data to PDF/MS Word/CSV for easy import, usage and portability
  • Key data entry in case of ‘new system implementation'
  • Information Security Administrator / Entitlements
  • Password Reset/New user ID creation/deletion
  • Converting Voice file into text.
  • Pulling data from websites and converting into Excel
  • Content aggregation by real time monitoring of suggested websites

Service Segments

   Leading NBFC (Lead Generation, Cross Selling, Toll Free Services, SMS Short Code, Primary research)

 Leading Heavy Equipment manufacturer (Customer Inventory Creation of 10,000+ records)

 Among the largest Sales & Distribution Company (Engagement with their 2000+ Dealers)

 Mid – Size Software Product Company (Lead Generation & Engaging personnel’s from prospect’s organization across levels (through phone/email), till a confirmed appointment is obtained from the decision maker)
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