Functions we cater to:
 Sales & Marketing
 Legal & Compliance
 Human Resource
 IT & Engineering
 Customer Service
 Other Support Functions
Verticals we cater to:
 Information Technology
 Financial Services
With over 8 years of experience, Genext Consultants is well equipped to understand, anticipate and respond to your dynamic staffing needs. We are constantly evolving to develop and optimize our staffing solutions to help you meet your manpower needs in a cost effective and productive way.
Our portfolio of service offerings enables us to meet your company's staffing needs wherever it operates and across all of your business departments. From Sales and marketing, finance to human resource - plus operations, legal, information technology, customer service and many more.
Intellecta's key strengths and values include:
 One of India's fastest growing Multi Interest Consulting Firm
 Over 6 Years of experience in end to end recruitment & staffing solutions
 Annual Organizational growth rate at 200%
 State of Art Infrastructure & Technology
 High rigor to customize, make scalable & inculcate stamina in every client association
 Strong financial stability
 Exemplary reputation for integrity
 Innovative recruiting and retention strategies

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